Mastering Habits: The Principles and Strategies for Lasting Change

Habits Reading Time: 5 minutes

Most of our behaviour is directed by habits. They can be created outside our awareness and once they are lodged in our brain they influence our decisions and our actions, often without realization. This is the benefit and the danger of habits. If you build the right ones they will improve your life behind the scenes, but if you build the wrong ones they can destroy it. Here, we’ll look at some tools to take control of the process so we can create and maintain good habits.

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How to read more and remember what you read. Part 3

Remember what you read

This is part 3 of the series “How to read more and remember what you read”. On this post we’ll be focusing on Strategies to remember what you read.

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Willpower is Overrated

Willpower is Overrated Reading Time: 4 minutes
The major challenge to learn a skill is getting yourself to practice. Most people rely on willpower and that’s why they fail. Here’s the right way to stick to a practice routine.
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The Essence of Learning New Skills

Learning new skills

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Learning any skill takes practice. We sometimes look for shortcuts, but there are none. The next best thing we can find are strategies and techniques to make the most out of the practice we do,  but we’ll still have to practice, it is the foundation of learning and improving anything in life.

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8 Habits of Great Minds

Habits of great minds
Reading Time: 3 minutes
What do Leonardo Da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison and other geniuses had in common? Here are 8 habits that these great minds followed, and that you can follow too.

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How to learn anything faster

learning how to learn
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Why some people learn and master skills easily while most struggle and quit? Here are the right steps to learn any skill.

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